~ Wretch ~

The Mask Painter

Mask painter, determined to free himself from the bindings of materialism and excessive desires. Though shy’s away from social interactions looks closely at society as a whole; the masks which he paints are intended as commentary and expression of his thoughts to the masquerade that we call life.

His role is as an admirer and outside observer, voyeur, who sees the beauty in the characters who stand out. It is possible the masks are an expression of a secret desire to be that role, if only but for a moment.

Beautifully decorated faces of iconic characters we all aspire to be, in life or death, which are in the theater of life; these hand painted, paper mache masks are a decorative piece of fine art.

"Weather we like it or not, all wear a mask at some point; to disguise, intrigue,  or to keep secret and safe our true nature. We play a role on a stage since birth we were meant to fill. As they say, 'Break a leg'".