~ CreaturePuppet ~


a Motley Folk Art


Vibrant whimsical images subtly charged with comedic, mystical, cultural references are on display at Emerald C. Gallery in Coronado, CA.

Many images the artist creates, draw heavily from cultural arts, mystical religions, and lore of various cultures. Combined with traditional illustration, design and animation techniques, as well as personal experiences and interests, images begin to emerge.

CreaturePuppet is the ‘branding’ of a larger concept which include stories, character design, silent films, puppetry, multimedia and animated stories. The concept was derived from an esteem for carnival, animation, storytelling, and cultural iconic characters.

 “Though I draw heavily from my influences and inspirations, recreating the Iconic image that the audience can immediately recognize and identify with is the overall goal. Allowing the audience to arrive at their own interpretation is important, but with subtlety my personal interpretation is defiantly the whole of each piece.”

Each character painting is signed with the CreaturePuppet logo. This logo’s inception was in fact inspired by the ‘look’ of traditional signatures of artist from the orient, however it is a construct of the consonants in CreaturePuppet, CRTRPPPT. Stacked and melded in a mirror image. It is designed to represent the form of multiple images; a candle and flame, a volcano erupting, and mountain and sun/moon, to name a few.